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Flooring Installation is Not For the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner

You have decided that it is time to do a flooring installation in your home. Before you start to do your flooring installation you should have a general idea of what type of flooring you are doing. You have three options; vinyl, ceramic tile and hardwood flooring.

Flooring Installation

Vinyl Flooring Installation This is the easiest type of flooring to install. It comes in a wide range of colors, styles and patterns. The major advantage of using vinyl flooring is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Vinyl flooring can also be used in high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. These are usually made from similar materials but each one has been used differently for different tile sizes. The thin set is best used on small tiles and the mud set is best used on larger tiles.

Ceramic Tile Flooring Installation Ceramic tile is a form of plastic flooring that is available in a wide range of designs. They are easy to clean and maintain. They are most often used in high traffic areas. Cleaning ceramic tiles is not too difficult and the tiles will stay clean for a long time.

Hardwood Flooring Installation Hardwood floors are made from species of wood that are very durable and require little maintenance. Hardwood is also an option for people who don’t want to deal with the cleaning and maintenance of vinyl or ceramic tiles. When you are installing hardwood flooring, you should make sure that the sub-floor is in good condition. There are several flooring options available.

Hardwood flooring can be purchased in a variety of different styles. There are light timbers, dark timbers and real logs. Once installed the wood floor will look great and bring a rich elegance to your home. If you decide to install a wood floor, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. The professional can save you time and money. You may contact Philadelphia Flooring Company in Pennsylvania for experienced professionals for the job.

Floors are a focal point of your home and flooring installation is very important. It is a very personal thing and should be designed with your needs and style in mind. Talk to your designer and see what they suggest for your space. You will be amazed at what they can come up with.

When you are doing a flooring installation it is important that you only purchase hardwood boards that are rated for the type of surface you plan to cover. In most cases you will want to use a hardwood floor in a bathroom or kitchen area because of the wear and tear this type of floor experience. Vinyl flooring is very nice and can be used in any room but is not recommended for a high traffic area like the bathroom or kitchen. Make sure that you discuss the best options with your designer before beginning the project.

Flooring installation is not something that you should tackle alone. Make sure that you take as many measurements as possible before beginning the project. Be sure that you have the right measurements so you know what will fit where. You might also want to consult with a contractor who is experienced in this type of flooring installation.